Direct Primary Care for Employers

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new wave of healthcare that truly puts the patient and the physician first. While it’s growing in popularity, it is actually an old-school approach to healthcare before the world of insurance took over. Before insurance companies took over the industry at the provider level, typically patients would work directly with a doctor of their choice and many services would be included for one low monthly price (rather than paying for each service individually). 


In modern day, DPC does not eliminate the need for employer health insurance, but it is a valuable addition to your employees’ benefits. When an employer couples DPC with insurance, it allows employees to have easy access to their physician, focusing on preventive care to lower sick days and the cost burden of managing chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. 

Care When You Need It

With DPC, patients are able to meet with their preferred doctor whenever they’d like; same day appointments, phone calls, texts, and video conferencing directly with their provider are all huge perks. 

Reasons to Add a Direct Primary Care Plan to Your Employees Benefits

  • Manage chronic conditions more effectively
  • Avoid unnecessary ER and Urgent Care visits
  • Better cost management, eg. prescriptions and diagnostics
  • No copays for visits
  • Employees with high deductible employer health  insurance plans don’t have to worry about hitting their deductible and outrageous out of pocket costs
  • Health coaching and focus on prevention and better health
  • No stress dealing with insurance
  • Having a doctor that does not work for an insurance company
  • Having a doctor that has the time to really take care of and listen to their patients
  • Having a doctor that really loves their job
  • Building a long term relationship with a doctor that has your best interest at heart; physically, emotionally and financially


Acute care- Illnesses, hospital follow up, burns, cuts, sprains/strains, pain, rashes, allergies

Chronic disease management- high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, emphysema, arthritis, back pain, skin disorders

Preventive care: physicals for school/camp/work, pre-travel consultations, wellness examinations, annual physicals, EKGs, spirometry, in-office lab testing

Lifestyle counselling for promoting healthy changes

Preoperative examinations

Procedures such as cryotherapy, skin tag removal, cerumen removal

Lab Testing*Routine blood work, urinalysis, urine pregnancy, strep troat, rapid flu, glucose

Video/Text/Call Options Available


*Certain lab testing does have fees. Typically they are negotiated cash pricing with labs. Ask your doctor for more information.

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