Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Embrace Your Body’s own Natural Healing Power

While specially formulated products can work great, you can’t beat your own body’s ability to heal itself. At Jane&Jayne, we use platelet rich plasma (PRP) in conjunction with our revolutionary SkinPen treatment to rejuvenate and revitalize tired, dull skin, as well as for hair restoration and with our DiVa treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. 

How do PRP Treatments Work?

The doctor draws out and spins your blood in a high-powered centrifuge, separating the red blood cells from the golden platelet rich plasma (PRP) which contains growth factors that help regenerate cells. PRP treatments help produce new collagen and elastin, plumping up the skin to help resurface acne scars and skin texture.

How is PRP Used?

PRP can be used for a variety of different healing and restoration methods. PRP can be injected, micro-needled (Skin Pen) or even used as a wash. 

  • Hair Restoration (injection)
  • Skin Renewal (Micro-needling/Skin Pen)
  • Vaginal Healing/Female Rejuvenation (wash)
  • Enhanced Injury Healing (injection)

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