Short-Term Direct Primary Care Options

Let us be your calm during the storm…

Our practice is a small local clinic in Fort Collins, CO. During this time, it is critical that we all join together and help one another as much as possible. This is why we have decided to offer our Direct Primary Care on a short-term basis (in addition to our annual offering) to help both families/individuals with and without insurance. We can work with you to build your immune system as well as any testing that you may need if sickness does hit. We hope you find our clinic as a space for refuge in these days of chaos. 


  • Did the scheduler know you?
  • How much time did you have with your doctor?
  • How long did you wait?
  • Did your doctor know you? (aside from the contents of your file?)

 If you’re like most Americans, you weren’t able to choose your doctor or appointment time, no one recognized you, and your appointment was rushed…healthcare does not have to be this way!


Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a healthcare model that allows doctors to better treat patients and gives patients better access to the medical services they need. DPC operates based on a membership fee that gives you direct access to your doctor whose full attention is on YOU rather than all the red tape and paperwork. With DPC medicine and treatments are easier than you think! We offer decreased wait times, longer appointments, home visits (while protective supplies last), increased doctor availability, and above all more individualized attention to the patient without the rushed and cold environment of a typical doctor’s office.  

WHAT Services are included?

Acute care: Illnesses, hospital follow up, burns, cuts, sprains/strains, pain, rashes, allergies

Chronic disease management: high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, emphysema, arthritis, back pain, skin disorders

Preventive care: physicals for school/camp/work, pre-travel consultations, wellness examinations, EKGs, spirometry, in-office lab testing

Lifestyle counseling for promoting healthy changes

Preoperative examinations

Some procedures such as cryotherapy, skin tag removal, ear wax removal

Video Visits

Osteopathic Care (OMT) is also an available add on for an additional fee

“The entire team at Jane&Jayne is amazing! They actually care about you as an entire person instead of just a number. If you are looking for a doctor who takes the time to get to know you, Dr. Wideman is the best.”



We are so passionate that DPC will fit your needs, especially during the Coronavirus, we offer your initial consultation free of charge! We will discuss concerns you have, listen to your past medical conditions and create a plan to address your needs. We will work together every step of the way.
Our pricing is based upon 3, 6, 9 and 12-month subscriptions, see our breakdown below.
3 Month 6 Month 9 Month 12 Month
18-64 $129 $119 $109 $99
Add Spouse/Partner $220 $203 $186 $169
Student $77 $71 $65 $59
Food Service Industry $77 $71 $65 $59
>65 $90 $83 $76 $69
Child Add-On $51 $47 $43 $39
Single Parent (Adult/2-4 Kids) $181 $167 $153 $139
Family Plan (2 Adults/Up to 4 Kids) $298 $275 $252 $229


We are happy to see you regardless of insurance coverage. We do not bill health insurance for services provided, but you can use your insurance for specialist visits, medications and diagnostic testing. This model works particularly well for those who have high deductible health insurance plans. You are already paying for most of your health expenses out of pocket. Wouldn’t you like to save money on those services while receiving the highest level of care?


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